Three Counties Dog Massage can help get a dog moving with ease

Welcome to 3 Counties Canine Massage

Helen Clarke runs 3 Counties Canine Massage Therapy and specialises in Clinical Massage for dogs, releasing tight, sore muscles, removing debilitating ‘knots’ or Trigger points that cause referred pain and helps to rehabilitate injuries by breaking down restrictive scar tissue. Based near Ledbury, Helen covers the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. You can also keep up to date with Helen in Twitter and Facebook.

Apologies, but Helen is unable to take on new clients at present.

About Helen and her Canine Massage Therapy Clinics

Helen Clarke is a fully trained Clinical Canine Massage Therapist. Find out more about her and where you can meet her.

What is Canine Massage Therapy?

Canine Massage Therapy is the clinical manipulation of your dog's muscles using specific techniques. Read more about this and the benefits that it could provide.

Reasons for Massage - Types of Conditions

Read about the different medical conditions that dogs can suffer and how they would benefit from canine massage therapy.

Fluff having his massage