A big dog day!!

Amongst the dogs I’ve treated today were 3 giant breeds – 1 Mastiff and 2 Leonbergers – I’m also a human massage therapist, and have treated smaller humans!!

Rainbow Bridge

The saddest part of my job as a Canine Massage Therapist, is hearing that a client has lost their dog to an illness, accident or old age.  When treating any dog, you make a connection – physically, mentally and spiritually – some dogs let you in straight away, others take longer, and a very few […]

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The Pet Show and Hereford Country fair

Saturday was spent up in Stoneleigh at The Pet Show with several other therapists from the Canine Massage Guild. A fabulous event despite the downpours (we were inside!) and lots of interest in massage. Lots of very small dogs too. And then Sunday was spent at the Hereford Country show, which was absolutely cracking – […]

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Retired Greyhounds

I am fortunate to work with Natalie Lenton on the Canine Massage Diploma course and each group of students have 2 full days at the Retired Greyhound kennels. These dogs are just lovely – when you think of how their lives have been spent, no socialisation and no experience of the outside world apart from […]

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Continuous Professional Development

Last week, I had 2 CPD days – “Mad about Muscles” and “Deep Tissue Techniques”, assisting Natalie Lenton, but also learning loads more myself! Click on ‘more’ and see some of the photos of Stella all painted up!! A fantastic, interactive way to learn.

Top tips for maintaining your dog’s muscular health

1) Put non slip rugs down on laminate/wooden/slippery floors. This simple measure to prevent slip injuries is worth a million dollars. 2) Stop repetitive ball throwing – and ditch the ball launcher! The constant stop-start-turn is asking for trouble. Change the pattern of how you play with your dog – I’m not saying never play […]

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Scar Tissue

After trauma or injury, the scar tissue that develops in response to the inflammation is made up of connective tissue (tough whitish fibres). The scar tissue grows in a 3 dimensional way attaching to everything thus often causing restriction and discomfort, if not pain. Myofascial massage techniques will help to deal with such myofascial restrictions […]

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A weighty issue……..

The main way of keeping an arthritic dog mobile and comfortable: Keep you dog’s weight under control – extra weight means extra stress on the joints (as well as the heart). The dog is dependent on us to provide their food – so if they get too fat, it’s because we are feeding too much/too […]

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Show dogs benefit from massage

Show dogs really benefit from regular massage – this is Harrison, an English Setter, who is doing ever so well this season out on the show scene. The travelling, waiting on the bench, static poses in the show ring, make all those muscles work hard – massage flushes out lactic acid from the muscles as […]

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Get in touch

If you think your dog would benefit from Canine Massage Therapy or would like to know more about it, please contact Helen.