Getting active!!

The weather this weekend has been absolutely fantastic, and the Malvern Hills have been well trodden by lots and lots and lots of  walkers/runners/cyclists and their dogs. It’s great seeing all this activity, but just make sure that you don’t over do the exercise with young, immature dogs that haven’t fully developed, or take your […]

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A short while ago, I posted about my lovely lurcher, Amber (‘trying to be objective’ post). We lost our beautiful girl 5 days ago. She had a MRI down at Langford Vet Hospital, and it showed that she had a tumour on her spine that was pressing on her spinal cord. We decided that the […]

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trying to be objective…………!!

I came into the wonderful profession of dog massage after I saw the amazing results that were achieved with my old lurcher boy, Sonny. Our next generation of hounds have (touch wood) been a pretty healthy lot, but the years are starting to add up and my beautiful lurcher, Amber, is having a really hard […]

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The mechanical effect of massage. Part 1

The mechanical effect of massage is the actual physical contact caused by the pressure applied on the body. The pressure you exert during a massage will stretch the tissues and drive the blood and lymphatic fluid in the direction of the movements. This is why much of canine massage is applied against the lay of […]

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Lovely old dog………………….

Been to see a lovely old dog this morning for her 2nd treatment. She’s quite fragile, with several large lumps and bumps that are making her adjust how she moves, resulting in some tired overcompensating muscles. Sometimes, less is more – and I treated her gently and slowly and for a shorter time than I […]

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Mud, mud, glorious mud………………

Yep, it’s well and truly muddy out there – that’s the one great advantage of owning long limbed, close coated greyhounds, is that the mud carried home is minimal, so my sympathies go out to those of you with short hairy dogs! But there are some common injuries that occur or get aggravated on this […]

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Bitter sweet

I have treated some wonderful dogs over the past 12 months, and part of the nature of the job of a masseuse, is that a fairly high proportion of clients are senior dogs. And of course, that means that some of these dear dogs are no longer with us. The pain of losing a dog […]

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3 handy hints to maintaining your dog’s muscular health!!

I’m a great believer in the benefits of massage for dogs – and the benefits will be prolonged if you follow these easy tips: 1) Put non slip rugs on wood/laminate/tiled floors. Constantly keeping your balance is hard work on your dog’s shoulder and hip stabiliser muscles – so you may think that your dog […]

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Massage and acupuncture

I’ve been doing a few combined sessions with a vet acupuncturist to see the effects of massage alongside acupuncture. It has been very interesting – and allows me to work deeply on areas that might have been too uncomfortable without the effects of the acupuncture. I’ll keep you posted of any developments!!

Clinic at Sandbourne House

This is the lovely Greta enjoying a maintenance massage – these ex racers often accumulate a host of new issues when they find their forever homes because of their change in their Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) – going upstairs, jumping in and out of the car, on and off the furniture and running around […]

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Get in touch

If you think your dog would benefit from Canine Massage Therapy or would like to know more about it, please contact Helen.