A helping hand from Paddy the Parrot!!

I have been seeing the lovely Midge for regular maintenance massages after an intensive course of 3 treatments following an injury. Her owner also has a rather cheeky parrot, who comes to see what I’m doing – and then gently slides the long hair through his beak – Midge doesn’t seem to mind!  He tends […]

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Latest happenings!!

It’s been a busy month!! 2 groups of massage diploma students have completed their final assessment practicals and will be fully qualified soon – it’s been an absolute pleasure working as Nat Lenton’s teaching assistant and seeing how the students have progressed – it brings back very emotional memories of when my group qualified. It’s […]

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Gave a short talk at the Greyhound Rescue West of England annual conference this afternoon – I was already at a show and popped out for a couple of hours! My beloved Amber was my willing volunteer to hop onto the couch and demonstrate some massage strokes. It’s difficult to even scratch the surface in […]

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Spent the weekend at the 3 Counties showground in Malvern at the German Shepherd Dog League Schutzhund National Championships. Wow, these dogs are seriously athletic and stunning to look at. Talked to some interesting people who were so helpful in explaining the ins and outs of what the dog’s were doing, and the discipline and […]

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Canine Athelete and owner restraint damage

I went to a seminar this week ‘Training the Canine Athelete’ by Christine Zink up in Wolverhampton. Some interesting discussion about gait analysis – always good to get different perspectives, opinions and ideas from other disciplines within the dog world. The week before, I’d been to see Tony Nevin’s talk on ‘Handler and restraint damage, […]

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Latest happenings!

Unfortunately the Webton Court show was postponed due to parvo at a previous show – I’ll post my next show in the next few days.

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