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Well, the end of lockdown 2 eases the restrictions on the dogs that I can treat a little, so there’s a bit of catch up to do and then there will be some appointments available before Christmas. Please PM me if you want to talk/book or ring and message on 07814765323. Here’s to looking forwards to better times!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful greyhound, Woody. I met him during my massage training at a racing kennels and loved him from the minute I first saw him. He was in the racing industry for 4 1/2 years and with us for 9 years, so the majority of his life he was adored by us. He helped many students when I was teaching on the massage course, came everywhere with me in my van on home visits until he got too old to hop in and out, helped out on workshops and did many demonstrations at events. Rest in peace you lovely boy - there will never be another quite like you xxx ... See MoreSee Less

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Timeline PhotosMany people believe that because a supplement is natural, it can do no harm.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 😬

Make sure to check with your vet before you start any supplements in case there is a known risk. For example Turmeric, used in "golden paste", should be used with caution in dogs on any NSAID medication (e.g. metacam, onsior, previcox...) as it could cause an increased risk of bleeding. Use of turmeric is also discouraged in dogs with a history of pancreatitis.

Truth is, we simply don't know enough about many of the other ingredients in supplements marketed for dogs to be able to say for sure they are safe.

Our advice - stick to using a well known brand at the recommended dose, monitor closely for side effects and also always let your vet know what your dog is taking outside of their prescribed medications.
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Grab a Christmas bargain!!BOOM! UP TO 30% OFF!!! GRAB A BARGAIN BECAUSE .........Our training has gone way too crazy over the last 9 years so we are closing our web shop so we can concentrate on what we are best known for! Training people in canine massage therapy is the heart of what we do and we bloody love it.

We are doing an extra 20% off everything, on top of the existing 10% off Back On Track,(essentially meaning that Im paying you to take it away, yes really) and actually off ALL PRODUCTS so grab yourself a bargain and feel free to share this code with your friends, family and clients, because once its gone its gone, we wont be replenishing any further stock.

Jenny Oliver, myself and my team of tutors are working hard behind the scenes with all our training offerings for the future so why not grab yourself a bargain because when its gone its gone!
Our big sale is going to run until Wednesday 2nd December and the code is:


Thank you for your webshop business both now and in the past
with love, all the team at K9 Massage

PS: and heres my blackdog modelling her back on track coat ready for black friday. My darling Schmoo, you get more gorgeous by the year

#BlackFriday2020 #blackfridaydeals #backontrack
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Exactly the same in dogs........🔈 PROPRIOCEPTION

Physiologically, posture and balance are a result of the interaction of a number of sensory feedbacks and the resulting muscular responses. The sensory feedback comes from proprioceptors. The proprioceptors detect any changes in movement or position and any changes in tension, or force, within the body. They are found in all nerve endings of the joints, muscles, and tendons.

1. Pressure sensors in the soles of the feet and proprioceptors in the ankle joints detect the proportion of weight distributed between left and right and between the balls and heels of the feet.

2. The vestibular apparatus of the ears can detect any change in equilibrium, even before it occurs, and send messages to the brain.

3. The eyes detect a level horizon and feedback to the brain causes postural adjustment to try to keep the eyes parallel with that horizon.

4. Neurological structures in muscle and tendon tissue (the muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs - which are also types of proprioceptors) detect changes in muscle tensions and the rate of that change.
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Again, after much thought, discussion, reasoning and heartache, I have come to the decision to close during November for this 2nd period of lockdown. If your dog is likely to be affected by leaving a longer gap between treatments, then with strict precautions, I may still give treatment - this may be elderly dogs or those with a chronic condition so please contact me if you are concerned. I will be contacting everyone with appointments booked during this period to find the best solution for your dog. Sorry guys - I can't quite believe we're doing this again. ... See MoreSee Less

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If you’re interested in buying a tracker to put on your dog’s collar, here’s a link that helps the greyhounds too! ... See MoreSee Less

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I wonder if this might be helpful if your dogs is worried about fireworks.....HELP FOR FIREWORKS The anti-anxiety and fear spray is rich in organic aromatic molecules that help inhibit excitatory neurones and reduce adrenaline, which help dogs to cope during fireworks ..... "My dog usually gets really anxious and tries to hide during fireworks. I was recommended your anti-anxiety and fear spray and after I stroked some on him, he just chilled out on the sofa-unbelievable!" "Wow - I bought some of your anti-anxiety and fear spray, with the intention of suggesting it to a client, but thought I would try it first. I sprayed a little near where I was sitting and my dog dived right in, as if he were rolling in something glorious, he has not left the spot for over 30 mins - it's like watching a cat with catnip for the first time haha. So though I have not tried it with my client yet, I can for sure say my own dog is one very happy boy right now"
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