As your dog gets older, the wear and tear on the joints and soft tissues starts to show, with your dog possibly showing some of the following signs:

  • Slowing down
  • Stiffness
  • Trembling
  • Finding it difficult to get up and down from his bed
  • Difficulty getting in and out of the car
  • Reluctant to go for a walk
  • Finding it difficult to settle
  • Depressed and not joining in activities like they used to
  • “Lost that sparkle”

Massage can help to relieve the soreness and aching in muscles with the application of specific techniques. This restores the flexibility and suppleness to the muscle tissue, and because the muscles pull on the bones to create movement, this results in freer movement.

Just because your dog is old, you might think that nothing can help – the results of Therapeutic Canine Massage are the very reason I became a Massage Therapist – the results speak for themselves!