Sporting dogs

I treat a lot of sporting dogs throughout my working week – agility dogs, canix dogs, gun dogs, and those competing at intense sports such as mondio ring. Whilst some of these dogs may be carrying new or old injuries, massage is a also a great way of :

  1. Having your dog fully checked over for soft tissue issues
  2. Maintaining suppleness and flexibility of muscles
  3. Improving range of movement, resulting in improved reach and drive
  4. Relieving delayed onset muscle soreness after intense exercise/competition
  5. Psychologically, allowing your dog to switch off, relax, rest and repair any damaged tissue

Your dog doesn’t need to be injured to benefit from massage. Please give me a ring to find out if massage would help your dog to perform better at your chosen sport.





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If you think your dog would benefit from Canine Massage Therapy or would like to know more about it, please contact Helen.