I love to hear about how your dogs have fared after treatment. Here are a few comments I have received.


Today’s session did Sabar the world of good, his walking this evening (not done much, he has preferred to doze!!) has been markedly better (hind leg wise).

Jon, Droitwich


A very belated thank you to Helen Clarke from 3 Counties Canine Massage Therapy who came and gave Belle a wonderful massage. She was a bit wobbly for a couple of days afterwards, but I can guarantee she thoroughly relished that massage. In fact I wonderful thing appears to have happened: previously Belle wasn’t overly keen on me sitting next to her and stroking her. She tolerated it for a while, but would then get up and move away. Since the massage she seems to almost ask for a cuddle and a fuss. She especially seems to like me sitting next to her (on her bed) so she can lean against me and then she rests her head on my lap. If I stop stroking and massaging her neck, ears and face, she looks up at me in an enquiring manner to see why I have stopped!

Anna, Herefordshire


We all really enjoyed our visit this morning. We learned a lot at your expert hands and Maud obviously thought the whole massage thingy was wonderful.

We will keep you posted on progress and hope to see you later in the year.”
Best wishes

PS Maud has slept solidly since we got home



Just wanted to say thank you so much for being brilliant with Alfie yesterday. I know he isn’t easy but you really started to relax him, which is very difficult to do. It is so refreshing to find people so willing to work with him and his issues, rather than dismissing him, so thank you!


Scilo is a Border Collie and competes at agility. He had not been performing at his usual standard and his jumping style looked stilted.

Scilo was very well behaved. Helen handled him very well. She has a natural ability to put the dog at ease. After 3 sessions he showed improved performance, better flexibility and range of motion within the joints and muscle. Much improved movement – less sore.

Chris, Herefordshire


Freyja is moving fantastically, full of bounce and eating like there’s no tomorrow, thank you so much it’s so lovely to see her run with such ease and grace – you have magic hands.

Alison, Malvern


Ash is a 12 year old Greyhound with arthritis and has a poor appetite. His balance is quite wobbly.

Ash responded well to the treatment, he was very relaxed on the first session but was keen to let Helen know when she was approaching a tender area. Helen was very patient with him and listened to what he was telling her. Right from the first session Ash seemed to have an improved appetite and following all sessions he showed more interest in food. He appears less stiff when trotting around and hasn’t fallen over, something he was doing on a regular basis. Overall I feel Helen had great empathy with Ash, she took time to introduce herself to him and he was very happy to see her each time she visited.

Jenny, Worcestershire


Helen has treated my dog AJ for 3 sessions this year. Helen took her time to learn his history, which is a complicated one, and bond with him. AJ responded very positively to her from the start. He was relaxed and responsive to the sessions and by the third was eager to start, lying down with a come on get started look!!!!! Helen was very informative in a manner that was easy to understand and at each session gave me easy to follow ‘exercises’, massages and stretches to do at home. These were expanded on at each session and I always left feeling I had lots of ways to continue AJ’s progress. After the very first session AJ was moving more freely and able to go on longer walks and this has continued. I have seen a definite improvement in his movement, energy and mobility. I would thoroughly recommend Helen and 3 Counties Canine Massage.

Karen Holt, Veterinary Nurse, Worcester

Karen, Worcester


Keith and I would like to thank you for your care of Molly. We really appreciated what you did for her over the past few months and I know she loved having the massage and benefited from it immensely.

Anne, Kidderminster

Anne, Kidderminster


Mickey was a 13 year old Greyhound who had arthritis and was very stiff in his back legs. He didn’t want to go out for walks. (Sadly, Mickey has since passed away. Thank you Christine for allowing me to use your testimony.)

Mickey completely relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and attention. Helen handled him perfectly, with gentleness and confidence. There was an improvement in Mickey’s condition after the first treatment. He is now keen to go for 2 gentle walks a day.

Christine, Worcestershire


Smudge is a 12 year old Springer Spaniel. He has had a cruciate ligament repair 2 years ago and has been getting slower and stiffer recently.

He was relaxed and calm and seemed to enjoy the whole process. I was very impressed with how Helen massaged Smudge. After each session, Smudge was more sprightly and he seemed to have more spring in his step.

Julie, Worcestershire


My 13-year old rescue greyhound, Lilly, suffers from arthritis in her back legs. Helen has been giving her regular therapeutic massages and I am amazed at, and very grateful for, Lilly’s improved mobility. She is a slightly nervous dog and is not very relaxed when touched. However, Helen has managed to calm her to the extent that she now completely relaxes and enjoys the massage, if the fact that she closes her eyes is anything to go by. Apart from her extensive knowledge of the anatomy and muscular structure of dogs, Helen has a way with her patients that makes them feel comfortable and stress-free and so the ultimate objective of improved wellbeing can be achieved. Thank you Helen.

Ellen, Malvern

BTW I don’t know what you did to Lilly, but she’s now had two very active days – there’s no stopping her when we’re out, she runs ahead, runs to catch up, skips over ditches and puddles, oh, and barks a lot!

Ellen, Malvern


I met Helen Clarke by chance at the Alfrick Show where she was demonstrating her work with dogs.

My dog was very old and in pain due to severe arthritis. Helen came to the house to massage him and Amos liked and trusted Helen right from the start. Helen was very gentle and understanding. She worked slowly and carefully and showed me various massage techniques that I could also use to help Amos.

I am in no doubt that Helen eased the pain and enabled Amos to move less awkwardly. Even his eating improved: his appetite returned.

Sadly, Amos is no longer with us and my only regret is that I was unaware of Helen and her work until it was very late in the day for my lovely old boy.

I truly recommend Helen Clarke as a talented professional masseuse who puts the welfare of the dog first.

Ginny, Worcestershire


I don’t know what you did for Darcie last night but she hasn’t laid and crossed her paws like this for months!!

It’s the little things that make up the big things.

Can’t thank you enough!

Darcie - a dog helped by Helen Clarke of Three Counties Canine Massage Therapy


Ziggy is a 7 year old working Springer Spaniel with intermittent lameness on his left foreleg and occasional ‘bunnyhopping’ on his hind legs.

Helen handled Ziggy extremely well. She was very professional, put the dog at ease and explained all treatment and her thought process for this. Generally better movement. Improved muscle tone. Dog very relaxed and obviously enjoys massage.

Julie, Gloucestershire