Trigger Points – pesky things!

You’ve no doubt heard of ‘knots’ in the muscle – those tough, fibrous bands that are excruciatingly painful when pressed and often send a tingling, numbness or throbbing sensation to other parts of the body. These are ‘Trigger Points’ and occur when a muscle is overused, or used in a way it wasn’t intended for. So if you have an injury, your body will overcompensate in order to protect the damaged area, resulting in different muscles having to take on the extra workload. This is why a good massage therapist never just works on the injured area. Exactly the same happens with your dog – trigger points can make your dog seem slower, unable to do things that where once easy, and getting tired more easily. These areas can be released, and with some changes to your dog’s activities of daily living, encouraged to stay away! Contact me if you would like further information or to discuss your dog’s specific issues.

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