Pip jumping at agility
Pip demonstrating the athletism required for agility

Young, active, working dogs will benefit as a maintenance treatment; keeping muscle tissue supple and injury free.

Dogs competing at sports such as Agility, Bikejor/Cani-x/Scootering, fly ball, Mondio Ring, Racing, Schutzhund, Working Trials, amongst many of the Canine sports available, work extremely hard and you can help to enhance and maintain their performance with regular check ups.

Even pet dogs that are active on their everyday walks, expend huge amounts of energy and can be carrying minor injuries that may be helped with Massage Therapy.

If you have noticed that your dog is showing any performance issues such as:

  • Slowing down – less keen
  • Knocking jumps
  • Missing weave entry/coming out of the weaves
  • Stutter stepping
  • Missing contacts
  • Poor bite technique in contact sports
  • General loss of zest on their walks ot in their sport
  • Change in action

Then it may be that your dog is carrying an injury and would benefit from Canine Massage.